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Host Responsibility - “an evolving concept, complex in its application”

A term for educational, media, legal, community and health groups to deliver strategies in the safe sale and service of alcohol        in licensed venues. The focus concentrated on the servers of alcohol and the environment service is taking place. Training      will guide you and your employees to know the business, know your customers and stay within the alcohol law.

Host Responsibility Training

Host Responsibility Training

People working in a licensed venue (or supplying alcohol at an unlicensed venue) where the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 is applicable need to know the legal responsibilities of the business, its customers and the employees.

*New* Responsible Hosting at Workplace Events Training

This course provides guidelines on how to prevent intoxication along with advice on how to stay inside the law.

Gambling Harm Minimisation Training


Harm Minimisation

Every hospitality venue offering TAB and/or gaming machines (pokies) must meet strict Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) gambling regulations to protect your customers and employees.


HostHelp training teaches the participants how to minimise gambling harm, risky gambling and recognising problem gambling and how to assist potential or self identified problem gamblers.

Gambling Harm Minimisation Training
Retail Venue Solutions

Retail Venue Hospitality Solutions

  • Help licensees fulfil social responsibilities and achieve balance, creating a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Assist employees understand and apply relevant sale and supply of alcohol legislation.
  • Promote the responsible sale of alcohol in service and retail environments
  • Provide  employees with the knowledge to identify those intoxicated & the techniques to effectively refuse or stop service.
Training & Compliance Solutions

Training & Compliance Solutions

Licensed premises require a Host Responsibility Policy.

Principles include:

The promotion and availability of food; low and non-alcoholic beverages; serving alcohol with care, safety and responsibility; responsible approaches when dealing with (minors) underage or intoxicated people and providing information about safe transport options.

HostSpeak - the news, muse and views

Do you have an opinion, a view or some news on anything sale and supply of alcohol or gambling?

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