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Just what the Doctor ordered or smart advertising?

Posted by: HostHelp at 09:15, October 2 2015

Out of Manchester, UK today.  Jay Browne, the boss of an alcohol delivery firm named 'Drink Doctor' has been ordered to change its image by advertising watchdogs who claimed he looked too much like a real medic.

The company delivers beer, spirits, wine and shots each weekend until 7am to customers caught out by closing times of their local off-licences.  

Mr Browne fell foul of Advertising Standards Agency over 'Boozebulance' His use of medical terms to promote delivery service was inappropriate.  He was ordered to change his van after 'conflating the role of a medical professional with the provision of alcohol'

Can I drink cask wine responsibly? Cask v Bottle - Pros and Cons

Posted by: HostHelp at 18:00, June 02 2019

How do I maintain a responsible alcohol consumption and be budget conscious when cask wine is by the litre and cheap as?

Wine can be rather expensive by the bottle however, cask wine tend to be frowned upon. (Cliff Hakim actually wrote a book entitled “Life's too short to drink cheap wine”). Most of us view cask wine as being of low quality to wine in a bottle. The fact is, when all things considered and weighed up, cask wine is cheaper than the vino bottle. We can buy more quantity, foregoing quality - it doesn’t hurt the wallet so much. But if we drink more of the cask wine in one convivial sitting with friends and a good movie, or across the long weekend, does buying a cask really save money? Sometimes the question is “Am I drinking more than I intended?”      Lets measure up the Cask wine v Bottle wine pros and cons!

Terms and Conditions - Going too far?

Posted by: HostHelp at 14:06, April 24 2015

Time is money, "I don't have time to read ALL the blah, blah, blah"

These days clicking on a small, barely visible link to read the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy seems a bit too much "sweating the small stuff”. Sure we would carefully scrutinize the House or Car Insurance policies ensuring that everything is covered, however would that same consideration be given to simply clicking on a website link for an often “too good to be true” opportunity to win a new computer, a holiday overseas or even just a gift basket packed with Easter treats?

Booze sting Blues - A six word challenge

Posted by: HostHelp at 21:44, May 15 2015

It appears “Sorry” is no longer the hardest to say.

SMITH Magazine, built a worldwide storytelling project "Six-Word Memoirs" based on a legend that Ernest Hemingway once answered a six word story challenge with: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." “One life. Six words. What's yours?”

Pablo Picasso’s "Everything you can imagine is real" is still memorable today. A childhood tongue twister “Sally sold seashells by the seashore” still trips up some. Six words. It’s not that many, ten seconds to voice… shouldn’t be that hard?  Or is it?

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Should we complain about the price of non-alcoholic beer?

Posted by: HostHelp at 18:30, May 19 2019

We often ask, "How is it that my dozen 0% beers costs more than 4-5% beer?"

Positive features of non-alcoholic brews include ability to drive after consuming several drinks, the reduction in alcohol-related illness, and less hangover symptoms but does it taste like beer?

The conversion from a traditional alcoholic beer to a non-alcoholic beer takes place after the seventh step and preceding the finishing step. The uncarbonated beer is heated up to its boiling point. Another method of removing the alcohol is to decrease the pressure so the alcohol boils at room temperature.  More manually intensive and more steps to creative a 0% beer, is this why the price is equal or not more to our usual brew?

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