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Problem gambling and excessive alcohol issues continue to make the news headlines. HostHelp was formed to offer comprehensive training in selling and serving alcohol responsibly, Gambling Harm Minimisation and a ‘one stop shop’ for Host Responsibility Training & Venue Compliance Solutions to all on and off licensed venues.

About HostHelp

Why Host Responsibility Training?

For many in Hospitality, the full implications of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act are dawning. Increased fees, complicated, subjective rules on promotions, new offences, a definition of intoxication and local alcohol policies are combining to create a challenging environment.The Law Sign

Host responsibility means creating a responsible drinking and/or gambling environment and looking out for customers while they are onsite.  This means training employees in the practical slowing down or stopping service of alcohol, and staying within the law.

If you currently hold an alcohol licence you must have a Host Responsibility Policy and provide regular ongoing staff training.

You must show that you have practical measures in place to prevent problems with intoxication, unruly behaviour, identification and removal of minors.  This plan, often referred to as a ‘house policy’, should be available to employees and displayed publicly in some form for customers.

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In the Spotlight

The Word on HostHelp

Customer Comments

“You kept us interested because you are enthusiastic about what you’re teaching.”  “Seminar was great, was fun and interactive rather than  boring.  Took it all in. Thanks.”

Topkapi Restaurant, Christchurch

“I can now confidently make correct decisions when it comes to intoxication levels to help lower those levels.”

Arcadia Bar & Restaurant, Ashburton

“Thank you for teaching me that I should always be respectful of the customer, however make sure they are abiding by the laws, make the business welcoming to customers and if they are happy, will return.”

“I liked your saying, ‘The behaviour you do nothing about is the behaviour you accept’   I’m sharing that with my staff!”

Speights Ale House, Ferrymead

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The Go Low Action Group wants hosts to provide

low-alcohol beer options at events and gatherings.

via 20 Dec 16

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Ruth Lawrence - Owner/Director

Experienced in bar service from a small country pub to Host Responsibility Manager in a large gambling venue.