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Booze sting Blues - A six word challenge - Posted by: HostHelp at 21:44, May 15 2017

It appears “Sorry” is no longer the hardest to say.

SMITH Magazine, built a worldwide storytelling project "Six-Word Memoirs" based on a legend that Ernest Hemingway once answered a six word story challenge with: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

“One life. Six words. What’s yours?”  -

Six words … Pablo Picasso’s "Everything you can imagine is real" is still memorable today. A childhood tongue twister “Sally sold seashells by the seashore” still trips up some.  Six words. It’s not that many, not too cumbersome, ten seconds to voice… shouldn’t be that hard? Or is it?  “Could I see your ID please?” is apparently now the hardest, albeit forgotten phrase in the news in 2015 for some licensed venue staff caught in various ‘stings’ across the country, and the penalties are harsh under the new Sale and Supply of Alcohol law.

Just asking “Could I see your ID please?” seems of little inconvenience compared to serving alcohol to minors, risking the venue licence, paying a hefty fine, having a suspended managers certificate and ultimately the conversation with your Employer beginning with the hardest word…  “Sorry”

Retailers caught in booze sting - Nelson mail

A sting has caught four more businesses selling alcohol to under-18s. In an operation last Wednesday 14 premises in Richmond, Brightwater, Mapua and Motueka were tested. Nelson Bays alcohol harm reduction officer Sergeant Steve Savage said the disappointing result followed on from another operation in which another four premises were also caught selling alcohol to a minor.

Nelson bar and Motueka supermarket suspended from selling alcohol

A Nelson bar and a Motueka supermarket will both have their liquor licences suspended for six days for selling alcohol to minors. Decisions from the New Zealand Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority will see Liquid Bar on Bridge St in Nelson, and New World in Motueka have their liquor licences and manager's licences temporarily suspended. The bar will be suspended from selling alcohol for six days, while its manager will have his certificate suspended for six weeks.  

Upmarket stores sold alcohol to minors

The two branches of upmarket supermarket chain Farro Fresh that had their liquor licences suspended had sold alcohol to minors.  From the beginning of last year to now, 72 licensed premises had failed controlled purchase operations. And in the 11 months to December 2014, 51 off-licences, including 14 supermarkets or superettes, in the Auckland City police district were caught selling alcohol to minors aged 16 or 17 - making the area the worst in the country for breaching licensing rules.

Booze sale to teens shock for Police

A senior Northland police officer is shocked three employees of off-licence premises sold alcohol to underage teens, including a manager "who should have known better".  The controlled purchase operation by New Zealand Police and Northland District Health Board had two 17-year-olds attempt to buy alcohol from 19 off-licensed premises in Whangarei on Valentine's Day. "We know one of the ways we reduce alcohol harm is to control the supply of alcohol and retailers have a responsibility."

Checking ID, it's important. Why do some venue or business employees forget or neglect?

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