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Terms and Conditions - Going too far? - Posted by: HostHelp at 14:06, April 24 2017

Time is money, "I don't have time to read ALL the blah, blah, blah"

These days clicking on a small, barely visible link to read the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy seems a bit too much "sweating the small stuff" Sure we would carefully scrutinize the House or Car Insurance policies ensuring that everything is covered, however would that same consideration be given to simply clicking on a website link for an often 'too good to be true' opportunity to win a new computer, a holiday overseas or even just a gift basket packed with Easter treats?

HostHelp found this gem on Facebook -

Sounds good to over 1400 people so far!   As the prize involved alcohol

promotion and the winner would be able to spend the $5,000

on alcohol if wished (and wouldn't that be a fantastic girls night in!)

HostHelp was interested in the Terms and Conditions in accordance

with new alcohol laws - how far would they go to mitigate any liability

to Lindauer, TVNZ and their associated sponsors or supporters?


Following the link to the website, and (diligently) clicking on that

small, underlined phrase Full Terms and Conditions, we were surprised

to find this ...

I mean, SERIOUSLY? Are we so affected by the recent drama's encountered by TV producers with 'dubious history' contestants that crossing the 't's and dotting the i's to preclude creating discord in the community is now a requirement?

Quite frankly, if I'm drinking Lindauer, watching The Bachelor on telly with a bunch of girlfriends, taking selfies and posting to various social media in the hope of winning the grand prize among thousands of entries - go ahead, check my criminal history.... although I might have ripped the head of my Barbie at Kindy once.


Last December young Vicki Cobb, at Mana Tangata Boxing Club in Te Rapa, was in her tenth week of a 12-week training programme and booked to fight at a charity corporate event in April when police told her she could not compete. Cobb had children with dubious characters, but no criminal history herself. Read article here. (Boxer)

The Ministry of Justice website outlines Police vetting for Volunteers, School Administration and Employee checking. We don't mind that at all, it's necessary for the public safety cause. However, in our opinion, possible police vetting and criminal history check for the lucky Lindauer winner is going too far!

What's in the fine print? Is criminal history checking the acceptable standard or over the top?

Let us know your opinion on Facebook or Email us directly.

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