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Health and Safety in the Workplace

No doubt you are aware of the mixture of Myth and Fact surrounding the latest Health and Safety in the Workplace Act, promulgated by various forms of media as all doom and gloom when in fact, it's a revision of the ‘old’ Act where the grey areas surrounding some aspects of workplace safety of staff is more clearly defined.  After work drinks on a Friday night in the office CAN continue, just be responsible about it!


Megan Richards (Employment Lawyer) discussing the new Ac has suggested that it would be prudent that employers have clear alcohol policies for the workplace, stating “If work drinks were being held on the premises, the employer was still responsible for that place of work” similarly, WorkSafe spokesman John Tulloch stated “employers and managers had a duty to staff safety when it came to alcohol during work hours.”

The objective of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 :-

(a) the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol should be undertaken safely and responsibly; and

(b) the harm caused by excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol should be minimised.

Megan Richards has commented  if  someone suffers serious harm, or even death, (because of alcohol consumption) WorkSafe would look quite carefully at that and see what steps were taken (to minimise that event) "  She was unaware of any employers being prosecuted because of supplying alcohol, but it was very much a "test area".

HostHelp - Workplace Responsible Host Training

HostHelp can provide exactly the Workplace Responsible Host training you are looking for to ensure your company, Managers and employees comply with the two aforementioned Acts.   

Our three hour training presentation includes:

 The Key concepts of Host Responsibility

 Respect to/from the guest / employee or Social Club member

 The law, how it affects employers, employees and the venue.

 Intoxication indicators, how to identify intoxication and correctly intervene.

 Responsible service of alcohol in relation to standard drink quantities.

 Minors: Acceptable forms of ID, how to check proof of age documents.

 Acceptable and irresponsible alcohol promotions.

 Guest / employee management and the servers options.

 Transport options and recent drinking/driving legislation.

We provide you, the employer a full written report of training content, list of attendees who completed the end of training questionnaire (open book q & a), evaluation from the attendees and Knowledge of Host Responsibility in the Workplace certificates.   (This report can also be included in your H&S Audit file) - there is no expiry of these certificates, you may consider a refresher course every two to three years.

If we have interested you enough to consider Host Responsibility Training for your employees at your workplace, HostHelp would love to be of assistance to you.  The course cost for our comprehensive three hour training is $50 per person (minimum of 10 attendees) - or if you have a small company, please contact us to discuss your requirements, we could negotiate waiving the minimum of 10 participants for your circumstances.

Workplace Responsible Host Training

An open letter to all Company Directors, Managers and Social Club Committees